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Biała Szuflada Dental Practice specialises in minimally invasive implant procedures, performed by our implantologist with the greatest care for the patient.

To explain the implant procedure, we will start with the term "IMPLANT". Dentists describe it simply as a new dental root, on which the crown is reconstructed. As part of implantological treatment, we offer the products of the best global companies, such as Astra, Biomet 3i and Thommen. The choice of a particular system is dictated by an individual clinical situation.

The implant, in most cases, is a conical screw with a specially prepared titanium surface that is in immediate contact with the one. Length and width of implants vary, and the size is selected by the doctor, based on the patient's bone tissue. Inside the implant is a thread to connect it with the prosthetic connector on which the ceramic crown is formed. The "new" tooth has the following structure: implant = root, connector, and crown.

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia, in a few stages. It's extent may cover all teeth or a single deficit.

Presented below is a simplified course of the procedure:

First visit: Based on a clinical and a tomographic assessment, the doctor determines the indication for and possibility of implantation. The patient receives the treatment plan and estimated costs.

Second visit: During the second visit, the implant is introduced under local anaesthesia. In favourable circumstances, immediate implantation may be conducted, i.e. the implant is introduced directly in the place of the removed (during the same visit) tooth. After the procedure, the doctor contacts the patient on the phone.

Third visit: suture removal.

Subsequent visits take place after approximately 3 to 6 months, and include uncovering of the implant, impressions, trying out, and reception of the final work.

Reconstruction of dental deficits on implants provides a permanent aesthetic effect, and improves the mastication function, disturbed by the loss of teeth. Apart from a beautiful smile, the patient gains a full comfort during consumption or speaking, as prosthodontic works on implants are fixed permanently, so they do not move, and do not have to be taken off for cleaning. Importantly, fixing a prosthetic or a crown on an implant does not require filing of the adjacent, often healthy, teeth. No other prosthetic method is as successful in restoring the chewing and mastication function.

For the patient to undergoes the implant procedure, certain anatomic requirements in the oral cavity must be met, and an adequate amount of bone tissue needs to be available. If the quantity is insufficient, bone augmentation will be necessary. This procedure is also performed in our office by an experienced periodontologist, Dental Practitioner Mariusz Bołzan, and it consists in bone restoration with the use of bone substitutes and patient's own bone.


Price List

Consultation regarding implants100 zł
Implant placement procedure3000 zł
Healing screw400 zł
Reconstruction of the crown on the met-porc implant2500 zł
Reconstruction of the crown on the cyr-porc implant3000 zł
Temporary crown on the implant1000 zł

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I'm impressed by the lovely approach to the patient I experienced in this clinic.

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I'm very happy with the service. Today I had my wisdom tooth removed. It was quick and painless. Bravo. I recommend this clinic.

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