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+48 91 433 13 65 (Szczecin)
+48 95 715 90 59 (Choszczno)


We offer a full range of surgical procedures
based in Szczecin and Choszczno.



We offer a full range of surgical procedures:

  • Extraction of teeth that cannot be treated with conservative treatment, or due to prosthetic requirements.
  • Surgical removal of completely or partially impacted teeth, e.g. wisdom teeth
  • Surgical removal of broken teeth
  • Teeth exposure for orthodontic purposes
  • Resection of root apex
  • Radectomy, i.e. removal of one or more roots, and preservation of the remaining ones in the oral cavity
  • Plastic surgery of the oral-maxillary sinus fistula
  • Clinical crown extension
  • Treatment of so-called "gum smile"
  • Other procedures associated with surgery, periodontology and implantology

Price list

Extraction of a single-rooted tooth (simple)150 zł
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth (complex)200 zł
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth (simple)200 zł
Extraction of a multi-root tooth (complex)300 zł
Surgical tooth extraction500 - 800 zł
Suturing50 zł
Surgical dressing50 zł
Hemisection400 - 500 zł
Radectomy400 - 500 zł

You can benefit from all the services offered by Biała Szuflada clinic without engaging your own resources, and pay the costs in instalments. MediRaty is the first in Poland, commonly available system of financing medical services, proven in thousands of practices, clinics and hospitals.




Professional, caring patient service, the best dental appointment I've ever had. Competitive price and unrivalled service. All the best to Doctor Agnieszka, and thank you for your help.

Beata M.

I'm very happy with the service. Today I had my wisdom tooth removed. It was quick and painless. Bravo. I recommend this clinic.

Patryk P.

I'm impressed by the lovely approach to the patient I experienced in this clinic.

Piotr B.

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