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Teeth whitening is a procedure aimed at improving the appearance of teeth by changing their colour.

Naturally snow-white teeth are not very common, so modern aesthetic dentistry helps patients who consider smile as an important element of health and beauty. Selection of the right method, adjusted to individual needs and expectations of the patient is the key to obtaining a white smile. 

The whitening procedure is for patients whose teeth are healthy, and who do not present any contraindications for the procedure.

Biała Szuflada Dental Practice offers two methods of teeth whitening:

  • tray whitening
  • in-office whitening with the use of laser.


Tray teeth whitening is carried out by the patient at home, after a training provided by the dental practitioner. During the visit, imprints of patient's teeth are made. Dental technician uses them to prepare splints for whitening. The trays are made of elastic, colourless material. Every night before going to sleep, the patient fills them with whitening gel of proper concentration (10-16%). According to the desired effect, the trays should be used for 7-14 nights. This method allows to re-use the tray in the future. However, it is not recommended to those who expect an immediate effect of snow-white teeth, or who have sensitive teeth.

While using whitening trays, patients should avoid eating foods that can colour the teeth, to prevent discolouration.


In-office whitening is a single-appointment procedure. It lasts approximately an hour, it is practically painless, and the effect is instantaneous. In Biała Szuflada Dental Practice, doctors use Kavo Gentleray Laser for whitening.

Before the procedure, the dentist covers the gums with a special protective gel. The procedure consists in covering the teeth with a special gel activated by a safe amount of laser light. In-office whitening is recommended due to a short duration of the procedure, immediate effect, and limited hypersensitivity. Immediately after the treatment patients should avoid eating foods that can colour the teeth, e.g. beetroots, berries, red wine etc.

Price List

Tray / in-office teeth whitening1000 zł

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