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We are a dynamically developing dental and medical practice
based in Szczecin and Choszczno.


Tray / in-office teeth whitening1000 zł


Consultation regarding implants100 zł
Implant placement procedure3000 zł
Healing screw400 zł
Reconstruction of the crown on the met-porc implant2500 zł
Reconstruction of the crown on the cyr-porc implant3000 zł
Temporary crown on the implant1000 zł


Glass-ionomer filling in a primary tooth100 - 150 zł
Composite filling in a primary tooth150 - 200 zł
Filling a devitalised primary tooth150 - 200 zł
Removal of a primary tooth100 - 150 zł
Sealing50 zł


Botox - 1 area400 zł
Botox - 2 areas600 zł
Botox - 3 areas900 zł
Vampire lifting600 zł
Hyaluronic acid – 1 ml1000 zł
Needle mesotherapy400 zł


4-canal tooth 4-canal tooth1200 zł
4-canal tooth 4-canal tooth1600 zł
Tooth devitalisation100 zł
Primary endodontic treatment:
1-canal tooth300 zł
2-canal tooth400 zł
2-canal tooth600 zł
Endodontic re-treatment:
1-canal tooth400 zł
2-canal tooth800 zł
3-canal tooth1200 zł
Primary endodontic treatment:50 zł
1-canal tooth300 zł
2-canal tooth600 zł
3-canal tooth900 zł
Microscope-assisted endodontic treatment – additional fee per canal100 zł
Root canal rinsing with intracanal dressing100 zł
Endodontic revision250 - 300 zł
Removal of a broken tool from a canalfrom 300 zł


Extraction of a single-rooted tooth (simple)150 zł
Extraction of a single-rooted tooth (complex)200 zł
Extraction of a multi-rooted tooth (simple)200 zł
Extraction of a multi-root tooth (complex)300 zł
Surgical tooth extraction500 - 800 zł
Suturing50 zł
Surgical dressing50 zł
Hemisection400 - 500 zł
Radectomy400 - 500 zł


Tooth immobilisation using wire ligature100 zł od zęba
Fiber-kor splint placement1000 zł
Closed curettage150 zł
Open curettage400 zł + 200 zł for the next tooth
Gingivectomy400 zł
Gingivoplasty200 zł
Pocket rinsing and medicine placement100 zł
Removal of a lesion400 zł
Frenulectomy (cutting the frenulum)400 zł
Periodontal abscess draining100 -150 zł
Excision of gingival operculum300 zł
FGG epithelial transplant1000 zł
CTG connective tissue graft1500 zł
Coronal repositioning of the periodontal-mucosal flap1000 zł
Flap surgery500 zł
Controlled bone regeneration2000 zł


Single review50 zł
Review, examination, temporomandibular diagnostics, treatment supervision100 zł
Diagnodent examination100 zł
Periodontal pocket measuring (whole)100 zł
Anaesthesia30 zł
Computer-assisted anaesthesia40 zł
Filling with light-cured material150 - 250 zł
Crown reconstruction with light-cured material following endodontic treatment200 - 300 zł
Crown reconstruction with light-cured material with glass-fibre reinforcement350 - 450 zł
Composite veneer200 - 300 zł
Filling with glass-ionomer material120 - 180 zł
Biological tooth treatment using MTA CA(OH)2100 zł
Simple dressing – zinc oxide eugenol60 zł
ZnOE dressing100 zł
Raising the occlusion (1 point)100 - 200 zł
Whitening of a dead tooth300 zł


Complete acrylic dentures (the upper and lower parts separately)1500 zł
Partial acrylic dentures1200 zł
Microdentures500 zł
Skeletal dentures1800 zł
Skeletal dentures with latches2500 zł
Dentures with hinges (PLN 1000 per hinge)2500 zł
Telescopic dentures (+ PLN 1500 for a cercon telescope, + PLN 1200 for a metal telescope)2500 zł
Splint-denture1800 zł
Denture relining (fixing)300 zł
Ivoclar teeth for dentures500 zł
Attaching a new tooth100 zł
Ceramic inlay / onlay1200 - 1500 zł
Composite veneer with microsilica1000 zł
Ceramic veneer1500 zł
Porcelain veneer1500 zł
Porcelain crown on precious metal (plus the price of gold)1500 zł
Porcelain crown on margin metal1000 zł
Full-ceramic crown1500 zł
Telescopic crown1500 zł
Composite crown1000 zł
Ceramic crown on a zirconium abutment1500 zł
Multi root/crown post500 zł
Glass abutment on a bridge1500 zł
Margin100 zł
Gerber system splint for relaxation and rehabilitation1500 zł
Relaxation splint500 zł


Scaling + polishing150 zł
Sandblasting200 zł
Scaling + sandblasting250 zł
Maintenance scaling 100 - 200 zł
Extended sealing100 - 150 zł
Fluoridation100 zł
Hygiene advice50 zł


Digital X-ray image of a single tooth30 zł
Pantographic image70 zł
Tomograph250 zł
Point tomography100 zł

Biała Szuflada Dental Practice has a payment terminal, so patients can pay for the services with credit or debit cards.

The service can also be credited by our financial partner, MEDIRATY. The financing procedure is very simple. After the first visit, the doctor informs the patient about the cost of treatment. If the expense is to be paid in instalments, the representative of MEDIRATY will contact you to discuss the details.

Tourmedica: patients from abroad can make an appointment in our office calling us directly or via the Tourmedica portal.

German healthcare funds: for patients insured in German we can prepare the cost estimation in German, and provide a bilingual invoice after the treatment.


Call now: TEL. +48 91 433 13 65

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